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Matt has been running and racing since the second grade. He fell in love with trail running in middle school and has never looked back. He is a 100-mile finisher and is currently training for the Angeles Crest 100 in August 2017.

Matt was the record holder at his grade school for the most push-ups done by a 4th grader with 130!!!

Matt lives in Indiana with his wife and two up and coming ultra superstars.

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Kristin has been running for about 8 years - with 109 marathon/ultra finishes including 9 100 milers. As a sedentary child and an overweight teenager, she discovered the trails and never looked back. She is currently training for the Arkansas Traveller 100 and Brazos Bend 100 in 2017.

She was a second-chair state saxophone player in high school!

Kristin lives in Arkansas with her daughter Hannah, 1st Place Winner, World's Best 3rd Grader.

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Kurt started running in 2011 to take back control of his health and his life. He fell ass-over-teakettle for trail running when he found out you didn’t have to run as much. His obsession with baring his soles has finally been softened by gentle path called the Ouachita Trail. Kurt’s hobbies include setting goals that scare the crap out of him and fomenting running revolutions.

Kurt hopes that you will get out and run with him. Together we can all go a lot further.

Kurt and his luscious beard live in Maryland with his wife and two young sons.

And before you ask: a copious application of coconut oil

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Eamonn can often be found in a van, down by the river. He lives and runs in the pain in the ass hills and valleys of Missouri outside of St.Louis, with his wife, two kids, and three dogs. He's dedicated to a life of veganism, running, and Star Wars. 

Eamonn's moved around a lot in his years and has found that the best place to be is beneath the branches, running through the woods. If any Last Horse needs a pacer, a crew, or a good laugh, Eamonn's down to run.

Although not as robust as Kurt's, Eamonn's beard game is also on point. 

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