This started up like a lot of things: talking about running and talking about not running. We added some more friends to the conversation. It did not take long to realize that we might be on to something.

The Last Horse Runners are all about being the best that we can be, together. We want to be the best spouses, the best parents, the best friends, and the best athletes that we can be. And we want to smile and have the most fun while we are doing it. Together we can push, pull, and drag each other a lot further than we can go alone.

What your goal is doesn't matter, provided your goals are big enough to scare you. We can help each other get there. Running is just one vehicle to encourage growth. And that is one part of what this is about: being better than you were yesterday.

We came up with the name Last Horse Runners because the last horse back to the barn had the most fun. We say hello to other runners and we smile while we are doing it.

Take time to take pictures on your runs and adventures. Share them on social media with us using the hashtag #LastHorse. Surround yourself with positive people and #JoinTheHerd.