By now, you may have seen us using #TheHerdProject hashtag. We wanted to take a minute and better explain what we are trying to accomplish.

There have been plenty of races where you show up, grab your bib, and then sit in your car for an hour waiting on the race to start. Five minutes before the start, you hear car doors start closing as folks begin moving up to the start line. If you're from a small town or aren't necessarily plugged into your local running community, traveling to a race can often be a lonely proposition.

Social media has made it much easier to find folks of a similar mind. It's easy now to search for a race on twitter or Instagram and see who all is going to show up. Maybe these are folks you know or maybe these are folks you have not met just yet.

We started #TheHerdProject because we knew it was better to know someone when you show up to a race or a trailhead. Sharing a cup of coffee waiting on that gun to go off or grabbing a beer or a slice when the miles are done is part of the reason our communities are so strong.

There is nothing wrong with running alone but we get plenty of solitary, early morning miles in. One of the reasons that we race is so that we run with others. Iron sharpening iron, right?

Most of us just do this for fun. We train hard. We work hard. We love long. Running and racing and training is an extension of that.

We challenge you to reach out across social media before your next event or race. Meet someone new and knock a few miles out with a new friend (and training partner). Smile. Take pictures! Post to Instagram using#TheHerdProject hashtag. And have fun.

We are all the #LastHorse runners. #TheHerdProject exists to develop a community to keep running fun and to hold each other accountable. We are all better together. #JoinTheHerd!!