A big part of the reason that we ended up connecting with each other at Last Horse Runners is because we continue to work to share the gift. Now, I am not a Runner World cover model: I don’t always run with a smile on my face.

What I am getting at is that I don’t run because I only enjoy the verb itself. I love the people, of course. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I choose a new goal, build a plan, and then destroy it. And I love the places that running carries me.

I needed a way to share these places. I have carried a phone on occasion when running in order to snap a couple of pictures. But the pictures aren’t the best and this is your phone - not the most robust device out there and not rugged enough for the weather and a lot of the locations that you might find yourself.

I finally broke down and bought a waterproof GoPro camera. And I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. Please don’t give me too hard a time yet; I am still figuring all of this out.

I have seen - and likely forgotten about - so many incredible places. We need to share these vistas with other runners. Hopefully we encourage you to grab a friend or two and get moving. Always make time for pictures. Share some of the beauty that you see with us by sending us a message or using the hashtags #LastHorse and #ShareTheGift.