Join the Herd

Give us your misfits, your weird, your huddled masses yearning to run free, the wretched rejects of modern society. Send these, the runners, the tireless adventure-seekers to us. We lift our headlamps beside the trailhead. We are the Last Horse Runners. We are your family. This is our battle cry. Join the Herd.

Our own Matt (#Mattlives) coined these words, plucked them from the universal rhythm that exists in each of us, the runners, the herd.

The herd is a place of strength, a collective action of wild individuals to run together. Together the herd fends off predators; the herd raises their young; the herd covers great distances, undaunted by terrain, weather, or hardship.

Are you one of the misfits, the weird? Do you yearn to run free, to let your feet fly into the darkness to chase the morning dawn?

We hope the answer is a resounding fuck yes. Check back here and our socials for Herd events and happenings.

Bless the Rains,

Last Horse Runners