Join the Herd

We Need Your Vids


Give us your misfits, your weird, your huddled masses yearning to run free, the wretched rejects of modern society. Send these, the runners, the tireless adventure-seekers to us. We lift our headlamps beside the trailhead. We are the Last Horse Runners. We are your family. This is our battle cry. Join the Herd.

Our own Matt (#Mattlives) coined these words, plucked them from the universal rhythm that exists in each of us, the runners, the herd. The herd is a place of strength, a collective action of wild individuals to run together. Together the herd fends off predators; the herd raises their young; the herd covers great distances, undaunted by terrain, weather, or hardship.

Are you one of the misfits, the weird? Do you yearn to run free, to let your feet fly into the darkness to chase the morning dawn? If yes, then send us your battle cry. We are looking for video from you, our family, the herd. The details of what we are looking for are laid out below; the intention is to create a composition of your voices, your faces, and your spirit. We want to emphasize that Last Horse Runners is beyond its creators, it is your brand, we are one herd and we want you to be represented front and center.

So here are the deets

General Video requests

  • We will accept any digital format you got but HD is preferred
  • If you are going to use your phone please do so in landscape
  • Upload your video here (https://goo.gl/skdehs)
  • Please save the video as either yourlastname.lhrvid1 or yourlastname.lhrvid2 depending on your submittal
  • Any questions? Email: lasthorsevideos@gmail.com

Video 1: Please send us video of you stating the Manifesto. (The first paragraph of this post)

  • The Video should be just your face, stating the manifesto or any part of it. Your call.
  • We would like this just frame your face, similar to this style found in the first few minutes in Billy Yang’s “The Why” https://goo.gl/pe8tcF
  • Don’t worry about the fancy lighting, just make sure we can see your face, and I wouldn’t stress it being super dark.
  • Don’t stress being super serious or super funny, just make it yours, and make it genuine.
  • Audio matters a lot here! So please figure out a way to reduce outside noise.

Video 2: Show us some shredding

  • The plan is to intersperse some dank running videos. Let your inner Ginger Runner fly here and get some video of you hitting the road or trail.
  • A friend helping would be great so you can get some in motion stuff, but if it’s a stationary cam that works too.
  • Audio doesn’t matter here because music will be overlaid.

We intend to use this video for advertising, on this site, our Instagram, and pretty much anywhere we want. We do not guarantee every entrant will be included, but we appreciate any submissions. Thank you for your efforts!